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from where i am

at home, like everybody else.

Welcome to my website. If you made it through here, that means you're curious, and that's vital. I've put a lot of work into it. For the record, for the future: the website, long overdue, was conceived and saw the light during Covid19 confinement (so far, two weeks), while home alone - more precisely, with a cat.

Some parts are written in English, some in French, and you could find here and there some Italian, or Spanish. It sounds very chaotic but it isn't, believe me. There's stuff hidden among the pictures, or behind them. Let's say that you can experience the website in different ways. There's just one thing I kept in mind while doing it: sexiness is not what I'm interested into. Pleasing everybody? Not my cup of tea.

As I was listening to this brilliant interview to Carmen Winant, she said with the most perfect and balanced words something I think more and more, not being able to express it without being aggressive: contemporary photography can be (can being my word to leave space for some manœuvre, she says she finds most of c.p.) "too beautiful, too sanitized, too familiar". I am totally aware this is a trap constantly awaiting for me as well when I take pictures, and pour them into a project. All I can say is that I try to be as honest as possible.


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