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manuel du piégeur

(in progress)


"Toute destruction doit être raisonnée et faite avec discernement" (All destruction must be reasoned and done with discernment) is the first line of the "Trapper's handbook", an iconic and fundamental text for french hunters, written in 1935: the book is a starting point for a path winding among hunting practices and human relationships. Using images, assemblages, etchings, objects and texts extrapolated from the handbook, the author sketches her perception of cruelty and tenderness as structural elements of togetherness.


The aim of the project is building a narration in the main form of a book that mimics the original manual and uses original texts in juxtaposition with images connected to being part of a hunting party, building traps and being in a (toxic) relationship. The act of taking pictures itself becomes a trap, arbitrarily freezing actions and places and tricking memory into a false path with the help of a wilful editing and sequencing.

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