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amore e ginnastica

Amore E Ginnastica is above all the title of a hilarious book by De Amicis, known rather for the book Cuore - which has become a symbol of melodrama.  I have always liked the title, but the content of the book has little to do with my images, if not with regard to faith (and that is not little) in a sports education.

I approached the gymnasts of the team out of admiration and disbelief.  What they can do with the body for me has something magical, but magical at the bottom, it is not, once you attend the training.

Light years away from any controversy (which also immediately reached me once I started to show the images) the project -still in embryonic phase- wants to be a meditation on force, will, discipline: what shape do they have once they get muscle, jump, balance?

For me, gymnastics is the embodiment of abstract concepts, and questions about the influence on the life course remain open.  As an artist, I feel every day the importance of tenacity, repetition and obsession, and I cannot help but find analogies with the demon that animates these young athletes.

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