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i would like you to see me

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I am warmly welcomed in families where a piece is missing, and every detail in the place whispers about it.

The ones I manage to meet (and so many say no, or give up at the very last minute-and I never find  a valid reason to insist or to not understand) are happy of my being there: they don't want their daughters to be forgotten.

One year, 21 years: I am not able to feel that kind of pain and the way it stretches with no changes through time; I can only register what I see.

Mothers are often talkative and pugnacious, fathers are more silent and private, and I strive to be as delicate as I can. I have to fight back the feeling I don't have the right.

I am travelling Italy from north to south and from east to west and keep seeing symbols of romance and passion, messages of love-found and lost love.

I examine folders, articles, magazines.


And every third day there is a piece of news announcing another woman has been killed. It slips away mingled with the other news.

A project on femicides in contemporary Italy. In 2013, 134 women have been killed mostly by "loving" husbands and fathers, which questions the whole shared idea of love and respect.


Statistics defy all common places.


A visual investigation as an attempt to raise questions, awareness and battle over-used clichés.


What you see here is an extract.     


Editions d'une rive à l'autre publishes a book in March 2021                                                                                                                          

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