Photography is my life, and that’s not always a blessing.

I'm bored to death by the debate over photography being art or not.
Photography is photography and that’s already so much and so difficult, why adding useless stuff?

In a moment when everyone owns a camera and claims to be a photographer, I'm still so shy about defining myself as such.
I came to the conclusion there must be a meaning, a story you fiercely want to tell, not to reduce photography to a sterile excercise.


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2014 Masterclass, Simon Norfolk,ISSP , Latvia
2013 BA, Advanced Visual Storytelling, Danish School of Media and Journalism, Denmark
2012 Masterclass,Jodi Bieber ,ISSP , Latvia
2007 Masterclass Photo editing,CFP Bauer, Milan
2005 Master's Degree History of Photography, Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna
2002 Diploma Photo Assistant, CFP Bauer, Milan


2015 Artist Residency for Bitume Photofest and Gal Serre Salentine under the direction of italian curator Gianpaolo Arena, Puglia, Italy
2014 Shortlisted for Rock your dummy! competition at LePhotoBookFest, Paris.
2013 Honorable Mention for Dispersal, LePhotoBookFest, Paris
2013 Selected among the 2013 Best Portfolios, Mesiac Fotografie, Bratislava


2016 NOPX Gallery, Turin, Italy, Collective
2015 Festival Photoreporter en Baie de Saint Brieuc, Saint brieuc, France
2015 Bitume Photofest, Gallipoli, Italy, Collective
2015 Runner-up Prix MENTOR and presentation at ENSP Arles for Prix Mentor
2015 Scan Photobooks, The Folio Club, Barcelona, Spain, Collective.
2014 Blow Up, curated by BlindBoys, Angkor Photo Festival off, Siem Reap, Cambodia, Collective.
2014 Libri d'artista, Milano, Italy, curated Collective.
2014 Le PhotobookFest, Paris, France.
2014 Photobookmarket, Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal, Collective
2014 SCAN Photobooks, SCAN Festival,Tarragona, Spain, Collective
2014 with MICRO,SI Fest , Savignano, Italy, Collective
2014 The Italian Photobook 2000-2014 curated by MICamera, SI Fest, Savignano, Italy, Collective
2014 Photobookmarket, Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal, Collective
2014 Bitume Photobook,Bitume Photofest Lecce, Italy
2014 ISSP Kuldiga, LT, Collective
2014 CNA Luxembourg, selected for Portfolio Days and Night, Collective screening
2013 LePhotoBookFest, Paris, Paris, Shortilisted for the collective exhibition
2013 Tokyo Institute of Photography, Japan, Collective
2012 ISSP Kuldiga, LT Collective
2012 Galleria Gallerati, Rome, Duo
2012 IC Visual Lab, Bristol, UK, Collective screening
2011 Fotoleggendo, Rome, Collective screening
2011 Area Pergolesi, Milan, Collective


2010-ongoing freelance editorial photographer
2012 Photography Educator, Milan
2010-2011 Curator and manager for the Voices From Italy project
2003-2009 Personal assistant for Ferdinando Scianna, Milan
2001-2002 Desk Manager TamTam PhotoAgency, Milan
1998-1999 TA TPW, Tuscany


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